There are only 3 ways to pay your health care costs

Traditional Insurance Plans

Cash (Out of Pocket)

My Benefits PLus+ Plan

Stop paying for coverage you don't use and stop paying with after tax dollars. Start saving with your My benefits PLus+ PLan today. It's easy.


1 -  You pay your health or dental expenses as you normally would.

e.g. You pay your dentist $1,000

2 -  Your employer or your company then sends Diversified the receipt and a cheque to cover the expense, along with a 7.5% administrative fee both of which are 100% tax deductible.

e.g. Company pays Diversified

$1,000.00 Dental Expenses
$75.00 Admin Fee

$1,075.00 (Plus applicable taxes only on Admin fee)

3 -  Diversified then provides the employee with a tax-free reimbursement of the expense incurred and sends the company a tax receipt for the full expense and the 7.5% administration fee to claim as a business expense.

e.g. The employee receives their $1000 reimbursement tax-free and the company receives a receipt for $1,075.00 which is 100% tax deductible to your business.

The claims process and issuing of reimbursement typically takes between 5 to 7 business days, you don't have to wait weeks to get your money back.

You can tailor your Private Health Services Plan in a way that suits your company and employee needs and you will never have to pay for coverage you don't use or need - remember NO MORE MONTHLY PREMIUMS!

$5000 In Annual Medical Expenses